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When we started planning our destination wedding I had no idea where to start or how involved it would be. While doing some research I came across Landow Travel and contacted them. To my great surprise Marcia contacted me within a day. Best decision yet, she really did a lot of things for us and we didn't have to stress about. She booked our wedding at the resort we chose in Punta Cana for May 8, 2019 wedding date. She also booked several guest of ours. She went above and beyond for us in every aspect of our planning. Especially communicating for us to the resort when needed. At one point there was a minor issue with a fee, but once she got involved it was resolved within a hour. Hands down the the best experience ever with Marcia. I highly recommend her to help in your wedding planning, trust me you wont be disappointed at all. Thank you Marcia for all you've done. You helped make our wedding unforgettable!!!

Landow travel helped make my destination wedding a dream come true! We were married at the Sandals resort in Nassau, Bahamas and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. From coordinating the special details of our day to helping with communication back and forth to the resort, Landow made the process a breeze. We had a very large destination wedding and our travel agent made sure every guests needs were met when booking their trip. Some of our guests still continue to use Landow travel to this day because of the incredible service they had at our wedding. I cannot thank them enough for making my special day perfection!

Just wanted to pop on here and give a shoutout to our travel agent Marcia Goldman Bader who has been the BEST we could have asked for. I found her through recommendation on here and also reviews on the knot. She has gone above and beyond with getting our guests great deals as well as us. She has also gone to bat to get us some awesome perks. My guests can’t stop talking about how great she has been. If you’re looking for a great, free agent- I HIGHLY recommend her and I know a much of other brides on here do too!

Marcia Bader is the hardest working travel agent that I know! We're truly blessed to have her on our team for our special day. It's one thing for an agent to book and organize group travel (that's what they're all supposed to do), but Marcia goes above and beyond the call of duty! Marcia went to bat for me when my original wedding reservation was canceled due to major renovations at my choice resort. I was crushed! After the resort would not accommodate my wedding because I had families with children attending, they told me simply to find another resort (WITHOUT any restitution). I already had rooms booked and guests confirmed when I was told to start my wedding planning process again from scratch. Marcia sprung into action immediately, working with Delta Vacations, to save my wedding. Marcia not only found an even better resort, with better options for wedding packages, but she was able to honor the original pricings for hotel bookings for all guests that made previous reservations with my first resort. But it didn't stop there! Marcia also customized travel plans for guests, price matching packages when asked! If there is a way to make it work, Marcia will find it. And with 25+ years of experience in corporate travel and wedding event planning, it comes as no surprise that Marcia has the know how and connections to make my wedding dreams a reality! I can't wait to see it all come to fruition in June 2019! #HappilyEverErvin #WhoWoodErvGuessed

Everyone I knew was talking about this Marcia at Landow Travel I had been to 3 destination weddings and 2 of them were choreographed and created by Marcia. perfect 10's all the way well finally, I got engaged and decided on a destination wedding at Sandals in Jamaica 2019 and I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH MARCIA SINCE ITS INCEPTION AND TO DATE IT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER HAD WITH TRAVEL AND WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS I will be hosting 75 guests and she has put the package and wedding together at Sandals and Beaches Negril to fit everyone's Family and Budget needs, within a beach walk of all my guests at both locations . her expertise in this field and coordination ability for all my guests and myself as a bride are beyond platinum and 5 star .. omg the excitement is mounting. using Marcia at Landow Travel is the smartest decision one can make because there is something about a human personal touch handling alllllll your travel and wedding needs that cannot be beat .

Marcia has been great to work with! I live in RI and everything has been done over the phone. We have over 100 guests booked for our wedding and they all had a great experience with Marcia as well. She has gotten us great deals, our guests amazing rates, and is always available for questions. I was clueless before I met her and so glad we went with her! I did a lot of searching and Marcia was recommend on this site a bunch of times and also highly rated on the knot, and she’s free!!

Just booked my Backyard Indian Wedding and my Christmas Cruise Wedding Reception for 2018 with the most wonderful travel specialist!!! Marcia has been so patient in helping us put together our fabulous destination wedding for the best travel deals for my 600+ guests. The stress has been lifted thanks to Marcia. The best part is that she doesn't charge a planning fee! I'm soooo excited!!!

If I could, I'd give Marcia 10 stars!! Marcia is a complete sweetheart and pleasure to work with! She know the travel industry inside out and backwards and I personal believe she can make anyone's dream wedding a reality! My husband and I were less than desirable clients, due to our two completely different wedding visions, however, Marcia had the patiences of a saint! I wanted a small elegant vineyard wedding and crazy, fun honeymoon while my husband wanted a 48 hour party of the century and was willing to dip into our honeymoon fund to achieve it. Marcia listened and made many suggestions. We fell in love with a Sandals destination wedding! Marcia combined an intimate wedding with the excitement that more than satisfied my party animal husband. Even the guest were blown away with the experience!!I would have NEVER considered a destination wedding, it seemed astronomically expensive and overwhelming, but after number crunching, it was affordable and Marcia reassured us that she would be there ever step of the way!! She even came to our wedding! Our wedding was literally the most memorable 5 days of our life!! From planning to saying "I Do" Marcia was there and she never let the ball drop! We will definitely use her for our vow renewal in 10 years!

I do not know where to even begin! When I was first referred to Marcia because I wanted to have a destination wedding I said to myself I am internet savvy I don't need help booking any flights or hotel rooms...BOY WAS I WRONG! From my very first consultation with her she made me feel like family. She helped me from the very beginning from my Engagement Party to landing back at home at JFK to my Magnificent Honeymoon at one of Sandals exclusive destinations, which she convinced me to stay in the Millionaire Suite and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Marcia truly was a gift sent from above. There were plenty of times I was overwhelmed & she always found a way to calm me down & fix all of my issues. I spent countless nights and hours in her office with her planning my wedding and never once did she tell me ok its time for you to go home now, even if it was endless hours. I thought it was super easy just booking flights and hotels but that was not the case, it took a lot of time and patience to deal with my amazing but yet insane group of 100 guests, but somehow someway she got it done flawlessly & always with a smile on her face. When it came time to board the plane to Dominican Republic to say I Do she was right there next to me, something that not most wedding planners will do and get this she was for free! Can you imagine! Needless to say my husband fell and got hurt at the resort and had to get over a hundred stitches but Marcia was right there catering to my every need, I would say that I booked, canceled and rebooked my flight to leave the DR about four times and even when I canceled the wedding bc my main concern was getting my husband back to the states and of course the nut that he is he refused to leave bc of all the guests we had at the resort and plus he wanted to walk down that aisle with me with our feet in the sand, she somehow was able to put it back together and make it a dream come true. It was truly something out of a fairytale!

I cannot say enough about Marcia. She went above and beyond for me, my fiance, and my friends. She not only planned my honeymoon to Jamaica, but also my bachelorette party to Nashville, Tennessee. When our flights were cancelled due to weather, she was on the phone with the airlines, and finding us new flights to get us out - immediately. She was so accommodating, reassuring, and wonderful. She was able to quickly rectify the issues and get us on the next flights out, and find us the best prices she possibly could. 

Marcia was nothing short of an angel. My husband, a Special Operations Soldier who had been back from Iraq for only a few years, had wanted a conservative ceremony and something more traditional. I, on the other hand, preferred something a bit more avant guard and exotic. The one thing we agreed upon was that we wanted it to be the most special day of our lives, with minimal drama and full of love and memories. We began planning on our own nearly 9 months prior to what was going to be a holiday wedding. We met Marcia at the New York Travel Show at Javitz and within 20 minutes I cried with tears of joy and relief. She assured my fiancé and myself that she would handle the planning from start to finish (with the exception of flights since I travel for work and have extensive FF Miles.) She suggested several destination locales (adult only) where out wedding could be personalized, unique and full of tradition and ceremony. She wowed us with photos and endorsements from other couples who shared their special day as well. We signed up then and there and never looked back.

Landow Travel Is the BEST! My husband and I were planning our Greek honeymoon and decided we needed some help. We’re so happy we found Landow! Marcia was very attentive helpful at our first meeting. Alyssa then took over and over an 8 month period was SO attentive, helpful and went above and beyond in every way. She’s amazing!! She even dropped the final documents at our house for us! I can not recommend this company enough. They are the best of the best. We will be using them again in the future!

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